16 Wholesome K-Pop Moments That Will Make Your Heart Cry With Joy

Here are some of the most wholesome moments in K-Pop!

1. When fans surprised BoA by singing her song “Meri Kuri” and made her cry


2. When Sooyoung was reunited with the other member of Route 0, who she first debuted with in Japan

The pair got in touch through the help of some Girls’ Generation fans and were finally able to reunite at a Girls’ Generation concert in Japan. They even performed their song “Wakuwaku It’s Love” when they met!


3. When Weki Meki’s Yoojung brought out the grandmother within her and did this old lady dance on Weekly Idol


4. When EXO’s Sehun gave D.O. flowers and then ran away


5. When NCT’s Jungwoo was running away from security at a concert


6. When a man asked EXO’s Suho to take a picture of him and didn’t recognize that he was a K-Pop star until 2 years later

So, 2 years ago I was in Mumbai and sightseeing with family at Gateway of India, meanwhile looking for someone proficient in handling a DSLR so that he can click a picture or 2 of us…..And I notice these guys clicking pictures and had the tripod etc. So I thought it would be good idea to ask them to do the honours…. They too obliged and were quite cheerful 😂

But until Yesterday I didn’t realize that the guys I handed the camera were actually ‘K-POP CELEBRITIES’ from SOUTH KOREA.
‘Minho’ from the band ‘SHINee’ &
‘Suho’ from the band ‘EXO’

And they were here doing a reality show “Exciting India” to gauge the popularity of K-POP in India and to find out weather people recognize them or not.

Yesterday one of my dear friend somehow came across this video and informed me…. .
I had no idea they were filming the whole incident and it would turn out to be a troll moment!!! The video has been on YouTube for around 2 years now with some 2million views… .
Here is the pic of myself and my mother, the guys clicked 😂😂


7. When BTOB challenged B.A.P to a rap battle


8. When Apink’s Eunji was absent for a rehearsal and their manager filled her space


9. When TWICE’s Sana was explaining “panpakapan” and it was way too cute to handle


10. BIGBANG’s endless “dope birthday congrats happy birthday bro” to Seungri


11. When ASTRO was trying to catch a cicada in their office


12. When “Abracadabra” was remade by Dirty Eyed Girls


13. When GOT7’s Yugyeom and Mark couldn’t help but tease Jackson for his cute pronunciation of kyool (tangerine)


14. When Wanna One outdid themselves in a game of Hello Cleopatra


15. When BTS’s Suga did a full bow and cried on stage after seeing his parents in the crowd

Suga’s parents had opposed Suga’s dream of becoming a singer for the longest time making it an emotional moment for Suga when his parents finally made it to one of their concerts.


16. When Rosé broke down after completing BLACKPINK‘s debut stage

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