Who’s The Wildest Party Animal? 10 Chaotic Moments In ENHYPEN’s Last Night In Danyang

ENHYPEN members try to outdo each other showing their inner party animal in this rare time together.

At the planning stage for their vacation in Danyang, ENHYPEN‘s Jay requested that they hold a party where they could dress up in suits and have fun. Jay got his wish on their last night. After a fun day driving ATVs and paragliding, they returned to the house with all the ingredients and decor for their party laid out on the table.

They decorated the area and set the table for dinner. They enjoyed the excellent food before letting their hair down to unleash their inner party animals. What happened next was a string of chaotic moments that showed ENHYPEN members know how to have a good time.

Here are ten wildest and funniest displays of ENHYPEN letting loose, as they’ve never been seen before.

1. Jungwon’s random running man moves

Out of the blue, Jungwon suddenly broke into running man moves, even if the song they’re singing doesn’t call for it.

| ENHYPEN/YouTube 

2. Jay and Jungwon dancing in sync

Jay and Jungwon executed the same dance moves as though they had discussed beforehand. Look at how in sync they are, as though they’re performing on stage!

| ENHYPEN/YouTube 

3. A group effort of headbanging

The boys were doing their own thing, getting lost in the music. What is up with running man moves? Sunghoon was doing it this time.

| ENHYPEN/YouTube 

4. Heeseung’s dizzying head rolls

Heeseung is hilarious when he goes extra during their light moments. This is one of those times when he’s in his element letting go of his inhibitions. Look at his head spin!

| ENHYPEN/YouTube 

5. Jay’s unique air guitar

Who would have thought Jay would rock air guitar moves? The sweet nurturer of the group has got the moves for rock music.

| ENHYPEN/YouTube 

6. Jay yet again has another moment

Jay gave off great solo vibes as though he was singing to a big crowd onstage.

| ENHYPEN/YouTube  

7. Sunoo’s rock paper scissors fail

The boys used rock paper scissors game to determine who would do the dishes since their first night. Sunoo lost the first time, but through the group’s repeated attempts at the game, he ended up clearing the table with Heeseung and Ni-Ki. This night he lost again, getting stuck with doing a chore he dislikes.

| ENHYPEN/YouTube  

8. Heeseung’s winning moment at rock paper scissors

Heeseung was another member who avoided doing the dishes. This rock paper scissors winning moment was something he relished, knowing he was free from the bothersome chore.

9. Ni-Ki’s random bicycle move

Another reaction to winning rock paper scissors. These bursts of spontaneous activity were so amusing.

10. Sunoo’s devastation upon seeing the kitchen

Reality set in as Sunoo viewed the mess he had to clean up. Sunoo in drama mode was so funny.


Watch the full chaotic party here: