WINNER’s Mino Is A World Famous Painter, And These 8 Time-Lapses Of Him Working Can Mesmerize Anyone

We can’t look away.

WINNER‘s MINO (also known as Song Minho) is one of the most skilled artists around, not only in terms of rapping or dancing but also in the traditional sense.

WINNER’s Mino | @realllllmino/Instagram

In fact, he’s such a prodigy that his works were even exhibited in the Saatchi Gallery in London as part of its “Korean Eye 2020: Creativity and Daydream” exhibit.

| @realllllmino/Instagram

Check out his artwork process below!

1. August 9, 2022

First up, the most recent “making of” video that Mino posted was a creative visualization of him…with the neck of a giraffe.

2. July 14, 2022

Going further back into his timeline, it was clear that giraffes were his inspiration as of late. More interestingly, this post showed Mino’s flexibility as an artist, easily covering up the first subject with another.

3. March 16, 2022

Whether it was a human version of a giraffe, a close-up of it, or a portrait against a sunset background, he made them all masterfully.

4. February 23

Earlier this year, Mino shared a painting of a man half in solitude and half in communication with an outsider. It was a time lapse that emphasized the little touches he made to the middle ground and foreground of the work.

5. March 16, 2021

Mino had a large scale project in 2021 which was special for being made with spray paint instead of his usual tubed paint. Fans saw how he expertly focused the medium on certain spots to add depth to the subject’s face.

6. March 8, 2021

One of Mino’s most daring paintings was revealed last year. It was clear that he had a certain vision in mind, expertly painting until he was satisfied with the outcome.

7. April 12, 2020

Adidas had an ultra unique partnership with Mino when he painted in his advertisement for them last 2020.

8. December 17, 2019

Finally, Mino treated fans to a behind-the-scenes look at how he made one of his paintings from the Saatchi Gallery.

With this video, no one could doubt that he was the artist behind the viral works.

Left: Mino and Right: BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @realllllmino/Instagram

BONUS: Sketches

Painting is not the only art form that Mino enjoys. He has sketched various black and white images throughout the years and generously shared them with his followers.

Either way, there is no doubt that watching Mino paint is an experience in itself!

| @realllllmino/Instagram

Source: Instagram