Everyone Deserves A Laugh Today—Here Are 8 Times WINNER’s Seunghoon Had A Gold Mine Of Hilarious Tweets

We’re loving #4.

WINNER‘s Seunghoon has always been known for his comedic side. He’s usually the first one to break into laughter or make others around him do so.

WINNER’s Seunghoon 

After completing his mandatory military service, he returned to his usual fun antics on Twitter…but even better. Check out some of his funniest Tweets below that just might make you laugh!

1. When he was an editing master

First up, sometimes all you need to amaze people is a little editing skills.

2. When he was the cause of Shawn Mendes’s pain

Let’s make it clear, it was Shawn who was in the way, not HOONY.

3. When he showed it as it is

It’s all about confidence when it comes to tricks like this.

4. When the biscuit wasn’t endgame

We love these surprise endings.

5. When he got us

If you thought he’d copy the reference video, think again.

6. When he had relatable GIFs

There’s no doubt he manages his own account.

7. When he chose his profile photo

Seunghoon in pigtails is a surprise to the random scroller, but not a bad one.

| @official_hoony_/Twitter

8. When he had the best first Tweet

Finally, he wished everyone would support his account when it opened back in 2018—please.

One thing’s for sure, he can make anyone let out a chuckle!

| @official_hoony_/Twitter
Source: Twitter