(★MAMA) Winners Of 2017 Mnet Music Awards In Japan

2017 MAMA was a night full of breathtaking performances and a ceremony of some of the most prestigious awards. Here are the winners of the MAMAs in Japan!

Song Of The Year: TWICE’s “Signal”

“We know how difficult it is to stand on this stage and receive an award.

Thank you for another award for another year.

It’s been 2 years and 1 month since we debuted.

We have such a long way to go, but thank you for giving us this prestigious award.”


Best New Artist: Wanna One & PRISTIN

“We sincerely thank you for giving us such a big award.

It honestly feels like a dream that we’re able to attend MAMA in the first place, but we’re so happy that we were able to receive an award too.

So many people helped us to get to where we are today.

We want to take the time to sincerely say thank you.

We’re thankful to our parents, and we’ll repay you for everything.

And Wannables, we’re so thankful just for your existence and we hope to see you for a very, very long time.

We’ll always be a Wanna One that never forgets our roots and continues to work hard.”

— Wanna One 

“It’s such an honor to even be here, but thank you for giving us this great award.

We miss our maknae, Kyla, who wasn’t able to make it today.

I hope she recovers soon so we can perform together.

We’ll work hard to make good music.”


Best Asian Style In Japan: EXO-CBX

“This is the first award for EXO-CBX at MAMA.

We hope everyone will love both EXO and EXO-CBX.”


Best Of Next Artist: Chungha & Wanna One

“I never expected this, but I’m so happy.

Thank you to all the staff members who’ve worked with me, and I’ll continue to work even harder.

Most of all, thank you to all my fans.”

— Chungha

Best Dance Performance: TWICE & SEVENTEEN

“As much as this is for Best Dance Performance, we thank our label’s performance director team.

Thank you to all the JYP family who always works hard for us.

And we love you, ONCE!”


“Thank you for giving us such a grand award.

We’re known as the ‘producing-idols’ and Hoshi creates our own choreography.

We’re so happy to receive an award for our performance.

We’ll work hard to become a better group than the day before.”


Best Concert Performer: MONSTA X

“We’re honored to receive the Best Concert Performer Award.

We thank our Starship family, our parents, and staff…

As well as Monbebes who never hold back in giving us love.

We’ll strive to show even better performance stages.”


Discovery Of The Year: NU’EST W

“We’ll become artists who work even harder after receiving this award.

We love you, fans.

Thank you for allowing us to receive such a great award.

We think this year has been one of our most special years.

We thank our fans for giving us this special gift.

We hope to close out the rest of the year well.”


Mwave Global Fan’s Choice: EXO

“I’m receiving this award on behalf of all of EXO, and their presence is missed here tonight.

I’ll share this happiness with the members.

We’ll think of it as a present from our fans.

We’ll work hard to expand more to become closer [to our fans].

Thank you.”

— EXO’s Xiumin

Best Male Artist: Zico

“I’m not sure if I deserve this award…

Thank you for giving me such a prestigious award.

I’m usually very sensitive when I’m working, so I’m thankful for my label, Block B members, and the fans who always cheer me on.

Thank you to everyone who works with me on my music.

I’ll work to become an artist who makes more enjoyable music and music that gives strength.”

— Zico

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