Here Are All The Winners At The 54th Baeksang Arts Awards

This is everyone who won an award at the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards.

1. Best New Actor (Film): Koo Kyo Hwan – “Jane”


2. Best New Actress (Film): Choi Hee Seo – “Anarchist from Colony”


3. Best New Director (Film): Kang Yoon Sung – “The Outlaws”


4. Best Supporting Actor (Film): Park Hee Soon – “1987: When the Day Comes”


5. Best Supporting Actress (Film): Lee Soo Kyung – “Heart Blackened”


6. Technical Award (Film): Jin Jong Hyun – “Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds”


7. Best Actor (Film): Kim Yoon Seok – “1987: When the Day Comes”


8. Best Actress (Film): Na Moon Hee – “I Can Speak”


9. Best Screenplay (Film): Kim Kyung Chan – “1987: When the Day Comes”


10. Best Director (Film): Kim Yong-hwa – “Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds”


11. Best Film: “The Fortress”

Producer Kim Ji Yeon receiving the award.


12. Grand Prize (Film): “1987: When the Day Comes”

DIrector Jang Joon Hwan receiving the award.


13. Best Variety Performer – Male: Seo Jang Hoon – Knowing Bros


14. Best Variety Performer – Female: Song Eun Yi – Omniscient Meddling Time


15. Best Educational Program: Dance Sports Girls

Director Kim Heung Shik receiving the award.


16. Best Entertainment Program: Hyori’s Homestay

PD’s of the show receiving the award.


17. Technical Award (Television): Choi Sung Woo – Journey on Foot


18. Best New Actor (Television): Yang Se Jong – Temperature of Love


19. Best New Actress (Television): Heo Yool – Mother


20. Best Supporting Actor (Television): Park Ho San – Prison Playbook


21. Best Supporting Actress (Television): Ye Ji Won – Should We Kiss First?


22. Best Actor (Television): Jo Seung Woo – Stranger


23. Best Actress (Television): Kim Nam Joo – Misty


24. Best Screenplay (Television): Lee Soo Yeon – Stranger


25. Best Director (Television): Kim Yoon Chul – The Lady in Dignity


26. Best Drama: Mother

The producers receiving the award.


27. Grand Prize (Television): Stranger

The producers receiving the award.


28. Most Popular Actor: Jung Hae In – Prison Playbook


29. Most Popular Actress: Suzy – While You Were Sleeping


30. InStyle Fashion Award: Nana


Source: Naver