We Wish We Could Hear These 10 Songs For The First Time Again

It’s not that they stopped being good, but the first listen was just so lifechanging.

Have you ever been so struck by a song on first listen that you never forgot the feeling? We sure have. These are ten songs we’d love to have wiped from our brains Men In Black style just to have that experience again.

1. INFINITE – “The Chaser”

A legend among boy groups, INFINITE were often known for their amazing dancing skills. The modulation in the last chorus of this song totally gave us chills the first time we heard it.

2. EXO – “Tempo”

From the bridge leading into the final chorus, the tone shift in this 2018 EXO song is one that changed the whole game when we first heard it.

3. Girls’ Generation – “I Got A Boy”

With its multiple breakdowns, this song is nothing short of legendary. It’s no wonder we’re still thinking about it over 9 years later!

4. Choerry (LOONA) – “Love Cherry Motion”

Do we even need to explain? Choerry became the number one “music traitor” when she dropped this, and she’s unlikely to be dethroned any time soon.

5. Taemin – “MOVE”

Taemin is one of a kind, and this song really changed the game for everyone. We’re confident its impact on the industry won’t be replicated.

6. Stray Kids – “God’s Menu”

The first time we heard this, we never knew what to expect at any turn, and nothing’s kept us on our toes quite like it since.

7. Weeekly – “After School”

This upbeat song was just what we needed last year. To feel that same sense of joy again would be priceless.

8. Everglow – “LA DI DA”

It’s hard to beat the confidence EVERGLOW filled us with the first time we laid ears on this track.

9. BTS – “Blood Sweat & Tears”

This song was an iconic turning point in BTS‘s career, and we still can’t get over the chills we felt the first time we ever listened to it.

10. SHINee – “Replay”

Hearing it now is just nostalgic, but we would love to go back and hear the innocent emotions of SHINee with a set of fresh ears all over again.

Source: Reddit