You Won’t Be Bored During Quarantine With These 10 BTS-Related Drinking Games You Can Play While Stuck At Home

You’ll be so drunk if you play #5, so better switch to hot chocolate instead.

During these tough times, when you’re stuck at home in quarantine and worried about the health of your loved ones all over the world, the best thing to do is to drink some water, together with your immunity-boosting vitamins.

It’s always better to focus on things that you can control, rather than things that you can’t, right?

So regularly call the people you love and ask how they’re doing, eat healthy food, and boost your immunity by drinking lots of fluids.

One way to get yourself to drink more is by playing these drinking games which are all centered around BTS!

Three Things You Need For These BTS-Related Drinking Games

A drink of your choice 

A water would be your best drink, so in case you want to drink beer, please drink moderately…

…unless you want to be so drunk you’d start drinking your water like this, right?

You can also drink green tea to get better skin like Jungkook.

Or if you’re in a tropical country, drinking juice is also preferable so you can taste refreshing flavors while keeping yourself hydrated.

Your preferred platform to binge-watch BTS goodness 

You have two options. First, you can subscribe to BTS’s official YouTube channel…

…or you can simply head to V Live and look for #runbts tag so you can binge-watch their Run! BTS episodes. As of this writing, they have 76 videos, multiplied by an average of 30 minutes running time, so it would take around 2,280 minutes (38 hours) to finish them all non-stop.

Bonus requirement

You can video-call your fellow ARMY — your best friend, your mother, your grandmother, your cousin, your partner, your sibling — and play this game together.

Specific drinking game you’ll be playing

Unless you have 100 livers stored in your body, you can’t simply play all eight of them listed below. It’s better to just choose one drinking game for one day — this way, you’ll be more focused on the show as a whole and not just on the parameters of the game, right?

Take a shot every time:

1. Jimin “accidentally” reveals his shoulders during a performance

2. Jin tells his dad jokes 

Do a double shot when Suga shows his poker face during this time.

3. J-Hope does a girl group dance

4. Jungkook imitates a member 

5. Jimin gets teased by the rest of the members because of his height 

6. V puts his tongue out 

7. RM says something in English (if it’s an interview in the US, of course it’s excluded) 

8. Suga shows his savage side and roasts everyone else except himself 

9. A member feeds another member

Double shot if what they fed the member isn’t necessarily edible.

10. Jin calls himself handsome 

Finally, if you ever feel like you’re all alone because you’re stuck at home with no one to talk to, just watch BTS’s latest video about this pandemic below. You’re bound to feel better afterwards — assuming you didn’t abuse your liver too much, of course!