10+ Moments From Wooga Squad’s “In The SOOP: Friendcation” Episode 1 That Every ARMY Needs To See

V is definitely their maknae!

The first episode of the Wooga Squad‘s anticipated In the SOOP: Friendcation is finally here!

Whether you have access to the show on Disney+ or not, we got you covered! In no particular order, we have compiled a list of some of the best moments that every ARMY should see. Check them out below!

1. Starting off strong with the OST

2. V being the cutest maknae

3. The squad is just too relatable.

4. V singing “Christmas Tree”

5. V acing games

6. Around all those handsome men, yeah, we’d fall too

7. They know him so well

8. Behind the scenes!

9. Just them and their matching pajamas

10. V killin’ it on his invisible violin

11. Our favorite actors being meme kings

12. The mention of BTS

13. Adding nicknames to their sweats

14. Get you a man like Park Seo Joon

15. This conversation

16. Squad goals