The Shocking List Of The “Worst K-Dramas Of 2023,” According To Industry Specialists

Some beloved K-Dramas shockingly made the list!

The past few years have seen K-Dramas take over, with many gaining huge popularity worldwide. It seems like each month, a new drama catches the attention of fans.

Yet, where there are netizens praising shows, there are always experts with their own views. Recently, JoyNews24 did a survey amongst industry insiders who picked a list of the “Worst K-Dramas of 2023,” and there are some surprising additions.

1. Durian’s Affair (37 Votes)

The K-Drama with the most votes was Durian’s Affair, and while it didn’t gain as much recognition globally, it was deemed controversial for the relationship between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Yet, it still picked up high ratings, with viewership scores continuing to rise.

For the specialists, it was the unconventional storylines that made them vote the show as the worst K-Drama. In particular, they pointed out the even more disappointing final episode, pointing at what fans called a “crazy ending.”

2. The Escape of the Seven (26 Votes)

While The Escape of the Seven sparked interest as it was written by Kim Soon Ok (who wrote Penthouse), this K-Drama sparked mixed reviews. Some international fans loved the drama and intensity of the show, while the critics saw the storylines as too “provocative.”

3. The Real Has Come! (23 Votes)

Even with the prime weekend spot on KBS2, the article shared that The Real Has Come! ruined the stronghold the station had. While some fans loved the light-heartedness, others found it repetitive after a few episodes. For the specialists, it was the acting of Ahn Jae Hyun and late addition that meant they couldn’t connect with the story.

4. My Lovely Boxer (13 Votes)

While the critics didn’t share much detail about their reasons for picking My Lovely Boxer, the article pointed to the bullying scandal that surrounded singer and actress Kim So Hye.

 5. The Uncanny Encounter 2 (10 Votes)

The Uncanny Encounter returned for a second series, and even before the series started, fans were excited. As the show started, netizens loved the chemistry between the stars, and it was the perfect K-Drama for many.

Yet, for critics, it didn’t match up to the hype and quality of the first series, which isn’t unusual for shows in general. The views seem to contrast with those of netizens who loved the K-Drama.

6. King The Land (8 Votes)

Out of all the picks on the list, King The Land‘s addition will definitely shock netizens. Many fans have called it one of their favorite K-Dramas of the year with an A-List cast of 2PM‘s Junho and Girls’ Generation‘s YoonaA. The classic romance story was cliched but managed to keep fans hooked. Yet, critics believed Junho and YoonA’s visual chemistry was the only good thing about the show.

7. Pandora: Beneath the Paradise (8 Votes)

As the article got towards the end of the list, the descriptions were less detailed. While the specialists’ views weren’t shared, international fans found Pandora too complicated and with too many plot twists and turns to enjoy it.

8. Bo-ra! Deborah (6 Votes)

While some fans admitted there were cringe scenes, most international viewers enjoyed Bo-Ra! Deborah. In particular, actress Yoo In Ah sparked the interest of fans, especially as many hadn’t watched her act before.

9. Alchemy Of Souls 2 (5 Votes)

After the success of the first series, Alchemy of Souls returned for a second series at the end of 2022. While many loved the chemistry between Lee Jae Wook and Go Youn Jung, others thought the plot wasn’t as interesting and felt too long compared to the previous series. However, it’s still a surprising addition as the general thoughts and posts about the show were positive.

10. Golden Spoon and First Responders 2 (4 Votes)

The final two K-Dramas just making it into the list were Golden Spoon and First Responders 2. While Golden Spoon was released in 2022, it seemed more of a hit with fans than critics. Similarly, First Responders 2 had ratings that seemed generally high and fans loved it, but neither hit with the critics.

Source: JoyNews24