Here Are The Absolute Worst K-Pop Cooking Disasters Of All Time

Are these even safe to eat???

For some people, the art of cooking comes naturally. For others…it takes a little more practice. Cooking can be difficult, even for idols, and sometimes their funny mistakes end up being caught on camera!

Let’s look at a few of the most hilarious K-Pop cooking fails ever, in no particular order:

1. BTS Jungkook’s Sticky Sweet Potatoes

An oldie but a goodie, everyone remembers the time that Jungkook attempted to make glazed sweet potatoes during episode 20 of Run BTS! No matter how hard he spins the plate around and around, those sweet potatoes just wouldn’t budge!


2. ATEEZ Mingi’s Gooey Pancakes

When challenged to make their very own American breakfast, rapper Mingi was responsible for making what turned out to be wet(?!) pancakes. While Yeosang noticed right away that raw batter would ooze out of the sides when taking bites, Yunho came to that realization after already eating them all!

| hello82/YouTube

3. Stray Kids Felix and Seungmin’s Burnt Butter Cakes

On the other side of the spectrum, both Felix and Seungmin made pancakes during a live broadcast that were quite overcooked! So cooked, in fact, that the pancakes were burnt to a solid black color! To top it all off, Felix put an ENTIRE slice of butter on each pancake to try to salvage something from their mess.

| Stray Kids/VLIVE

4. MONSTA X Minhyuk’s Water Accident 

When Kihyun and Minhyuk decided to make a tortilla pizza on a live stream, everything seemed to be going smoothly. At least, it was going smoothly, until Minhyuk got a little too distracted with his phone and knocked into a glass of water on the table! His poor iPad was completely soaked, dripping all over the counter.

Minhyuk (left), Hyungwon (center), and Kihyun (right) | MONSTA X/VLIVE

5. NCT Mark’s Boyfriend Omelette (feat. Gordon Ramsay)

Poor Mark Lee was shamed on Twitter by the king of cooking when a fan decided to send a photo of his fried egg to Gordon Ramsay‘s official account. While it definitely isn’t the worst dish on the list, Gordon’s scathing review was more than enough for these eggs to qualify!

What’s your favorite cooking fail?