These Are The Worst Line Distributions Of 10 K-Pop Girl Groups

Even the most evenly distributed groups have some uneven line distribution songs.

Line distributions tend to vary between songs even in groups with the most even distributions, though a lot of groups have tendencies to give certain members more lines than others. Almost every group has at least one song with a quite unfair distribution, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is interesting to notice! These are the songs from 10 popular K-Pop girl groups that have the worst line distributions in their discography.

1. ITZY: “It’z Summer”

2. LOONA: “Hi High”

3. BLACKPINK: “Forever Young”

4. (G)I-DLE: “Hann (Alone)”

5. Red Velvet: “One Of These Nights”

6. MOMOLAND: “Freeze”

7. TWICE: “I’m Gonna Be A Star”

8. EVERGLOW: “No Lie”

9. GFRIEND: “Rough”

10. IZ*ONE: “Rumor”

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