15+ WTF Gifs That Only BTS Fans Will Understand Out Of Context

These out of context gifs might send locals running in the other direction.

BTS has had countless WTF moments throughout their career, but those moments are even stranger out of context. Imagine you’re a local seeing these 15+ gifs for the first time. This might be your reaction:

1. This breathtaking back view

2. This extreme secret handshake

3. The twitch that wouldn’t quit

4. Jin just being Jin

5. Finding out if party hats are edible

6. MGM’s new mascot

7. Slapping a unicorn silly

8. Suga pinching Jimin’s butt in the middle of an awards show

9. Speaking of butts…

10. …have you seen “Jibooty”?

11. An alternative way to play woodwind instruments

12. Jimin, being more of a morning person than anyone has the right to be…

13. …and giving this “diet lesson”

14. Introducing BTS’s highly sophisticated leader, Walrus RM

15. This battle of whisks

16. Suga’s once in a lifetime belly dance

17. V checking out his members’ members