10+ WTF Moments From K-Pop MVs That Might Never Be Explained

Why? Just, why?

K-Pop has plenty of intentionally wacky music videos, but sometimes WTF moments pop up when fans are least expecting them. Here are 10+ MV scenes that took everyone by surprise!


1. When Red Velvet’s Irene and Seulgi pushed Wendy’s bed in front of a speeding car in “Russian Roulette”

Like the car, this split-second scene came out of nowhere!

The moral of the story? Always sleep with one eye open!


2. When Taemin drank a glass of milk in the middle of SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong”

It’s been 9 years since this MV dropped, and Shawols still don’t know why milk was the product placement of choice.

Maybe he was just really parched?


3. T.O.P’s suggestive syringe in BIGBANG’s “BAE BAE”

This entire video is one psychedelic trip, but T.O.P‘s syringe may be the most WTF thing in it.

It’s uncertain what’s inside of that syringe, but maybe the world is better off not knowing!


4. When V ironed Jin in BTS’s “FIRE”

It’s been two years since “FIRE” came out and this chest-ironing scene is still a mystery.

Why is ironing Jin? Why is RM holding a container that says “BOILED”? Why is he wearing sunglasses in a dark room? We may never know.


5. MONSTA X’s shirtless welder and quack doctor in “Fighter”

“Fighter” is supposed to be dark, gritty, and serious, but many fans had trouble focusing once Wonho broke a whole lot of safety rules by welding shirtless.

As if that wasn’t jarring enough, Doctor Jooheon came in out of nowhere, casually swinging his stethoscope.

If anything though, this unexpected strangeness made Monbebes love “Fighter” even more.


6. This bullet’s 180 turn in MBLAQ’s “This is War”

According to the laws of physics, a fired bullet should not turn into a boomerang and fly back at its shooter. Yet, that’s exactly what happened in “This is War”.

Although this scene may make sense symbolically, visually it’s baffling!


7. When IU faceplanted into a cake in “Twenty-three”

Instead of eating her birthday cake, IU blew out her candles and dropped her face into it.

This moment is both unexpected and creepy once her arms flop and you realize that breathing like that isn’t easy…


8. The pink blood in Dal Shabet’s “Hit U”

Viewers may have seen this shooting spree coming, but not the Pepto-Bismal “blood” that came with it.

Why is the blood pink? Is it for ratings? Aesthetics? Who knows!


9. The extremely graphic ending of 1NB’s “Where U at”

Nobody was expecting this video to end with entrail-mashing and cannibalism, but that’s precisely WTF happened in “Where U at”.

Warning: This scene is not for the faint of heart, so viewer discretion is advised!


10. When J.Y. Park made a cameo in TWICE’s “Knock Knock”

Who shows up uninvited to a slumber party with a keyboard? J.Y. Park!

TWICE wasn’t expecting to find their boss standing on their doorstep, and neither were many viewers.


11. When the big bad robot transformed into a puppet in EXO’s “Power”

For most of this video, EXO battles it out with an intimidating robot, only for it to turn into a far less intimidating puppet once defeated.

Even so, there’s so much space-age zaniness happening in “Power”, that a robot-turned-puppet doesn’t seem too farfetched.


12. BONUS: When Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon whipped out a hammer in “Something New”

Taeyeon is known to be lovable and kind, so her spontaneous elevator fight was unexpected, if not quite “WTF”.

It’s always the nice ones you have to look out for!