10 Insanely Clever Things To Do With Your Album Photocards

Just a little bit of inspiration for you!

We all know that buying albums is a thrilling experience especially when it comes to seeing what photocards you got, but after the initial excitement, you might just find yourself wondering what to do with those little treasures. Instead of collecting dust on a shelf or making them stay inside your albums, here are some incredibly clever ideas that some fans have actually put into practice to inspire you with your own collection!


1. Create a lucky keychain

Keep a picture of your bias with you whenever you leave the house by creating your own K-Pop keychain! If you take one of those standard photo sized blank keyholders and superglue the edges you’ll have a waterproof keychain that can go anywhere. You’ll have to sacrifice one of your precious photos but it’ll be totally worth it!


2. Deck out your phone, laptop, or tablet case

You know how you can easily find clear cases for all your tech gadgets? Well, put them to good use! If you have some photos that are small enough you can slip them into a phone case and bigger pics can definitely fit into a laptop or tablet case. This way you’ll always get to see your idols whenever you’re using these items.


3. Customize your desk

You don’t have to stop at just customizing your gadgets, you can totally tuck them under one of those clear desk protectors. This way you can look at them whenever you’re working. And it’s the perfect pick-me-up after all your hard work!


4. Beautiful bookmark

It might seem a shame to tuck a photo of your bias in a book but it’s actually a great way to use your photocards. You’ll get to see your favorite idol whenever you open your book and it might add a little bit of motivation to dive into a good book!


5. Create unique ornaments

If you’re willing to do a little trimming and a little pasting, you could make some super amazing ornaments to hang up anywhere. Plus just imagine decorating with idols around the holidays! You could also probably create some pretty amazing pieces of jewelry with some of the small photocards!


6. A wallet that everyone will envy

No, we are not suggesting you cut them up and tape them together to fashion a wallet or anything but tucking a photo or two of your bias into your wallet isn’t such a bad idea. This way if you’re having a bad day, you can take out their picture to feel better. Or if want, you could always tell someone who catches a glimpse of your idol that they’re a cousin of yours!


7. Use as proxies for card games

Playing a card game and don’t have the card you really need? Replace it with a photocard taken from your collection! Some fans have said they’ve actually used photocards as tokens or as proxies for Magic the Gathering and it’s honestly a really good idea. But if you don’t play the game you could also play one crazy game of Go Fish if you happened to have any multiples or know someone who has the same collection as you!


8. Give them some love

If you’re really not in the mood to decorate, you could always get one of those card binders people generally use for baseball cards. This way they’ll be nice and protected but you can pull them out whenever you want to admire just how gorgeous your favorite stars are!


9. Deck out your room

Then again there are plenty of opportunities to display them all over your room. You could frame some of them and stick them on your walls or bookshelf. You could pin them up with colorful clothespins and some fairy lights to add a little something extra to your space. Or you could always just tape them and create your own unique mural display.


10. Trade for your bias

If your a little overwhelmed by your collection you could always trade a few of your cards for a rare picture of your bias that you’ve just never been able to get before!