10 Things To Do In Seoul If You Get Lonely

Banish your loneliness!

So you’ve finally found yourself in Seoul but now what? Seoul is a giant city that’s bustling with so many people but on occasion, you can still end up feeling lonely. Maybe you just don’t have someone to really share the experience with or perhaps you just have a few days to yourself but you’re feeling the effects. Well, here are some things to do if you ever feel all alone in the big city.


1. Go to a themed cafe

Seoul is home to many unique and fun themed cafes that are sure to provide some major fun that will take your mind off of any lonely feelings. Not only that but you just might make a furry friend depending on where you go since Seoul has sheep, raccoon, cat, and dog cafes. And if you’re not looking for a furry friend you might just find someone with a common interest as you in an interactive cafe!


2. Go on a tour

There are a number of tours that you can go on throughout Seoul that will take you to all sorts of interesting destinations with other people who are interested in seeing all the sights too. You could take a tour of one of the palaces in the city, tour the DMZ, or go on a walking tour. There are a number of tours that will take you to local markets, historic places, and other unique places. You’ll have a little company thanks to your guide and other people taking a tour. Bonus, there are a number of them that are free!


3. People-watch

In such a huge metropolitan area there are plenty of options available to just sit back and watch other people. Head to the Han River and enjoy some nice weather while seeing how people interact with each other or go to the Gyeongui Line Forest Park that runs through several neighborhoods. Even if you’re not interacting with others, there’s something super satisfying about people-watching and it will likely make you feel less alone!


4. Go clubbing

This will 100% cheer you up! Let loose and enjoy some of Seoul’s nightlife by going to a club. You’ll be one in a sea of people who just want to have just as much fun as you!


5. Head to Itaewon

Itaewon is one of the international melting pots of Seoul and you can find everything from international restaurants and stores to bars and clubs. Plus Itaewon offers a whole lot of shopping. But how does this help you lessen your loneliness? Well, since its an international area there will be other foreigners in the area and you’ll meet many native Koreans who are interested in other parts of the world so it might be just that much easier to strike up a conversation and make a friend for life.


6. Take a hike

It might seem completely backwards to head out on a hiking trail when you’re feeling lonely but it might actually be one of the best things to do. Not only will you get to experience the natural beauty that goes hand-in-hand with Seoul but you’ll likely meet a whole bunch of other people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a little while.


7. Have some fun at Lotte World

Okay so amusement parks are more fun when you’re with someone but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a ton of fun by yourself too. Seriously! Plus think of it as saving someone else who also doesn’t have someone to pair up with on rides.


8. Visit a market and fill up your stomach

Okay so you can take an actual tour through a market or go it alone but it will be an experience you don’t want to miss. You can peruse the stalls and then go and head to a food stall to fill up your stomach with some delicious food. The locals are also said to be super friendly and will make you feel right at home even though you’re in the middle of a market in Seoul!


9. Take advantage of festivals

South Korea has many fun festivals throughout the year and if you’re in the area during one you should definitely go. You can be dazzled by the Lantern Festival in November, catch a movie at the Hangang Summer Festival, or even get soaked at the Sinchon Water Gun Festival in the summer. While you’re having fun at one of these events you won’t have time to feel lonely!


10. Try something completely different

For an experience like no other, you could head over to the Seoul Cultural Experience Center. There you can get your hands dirty by taking lessons in kimchi making, learn how to knead Tteokbokki, and get some experience making other traditional foods. You’ll get some company, learn how to make some delicious food, and eat it too. Talk about a win-win situation!