4 Times Heechul Nailed His Impersonations Of Fellow Celebrities

He’s not called the “Impersonation King” for nothing!

Super Junior‘s Heechul is often referred to as the “Impersonation King”. Perhaps it’s because of his sharp sense of humor or, maybe, it’s his distinct lack of chill, but Heechul’s impressions tend to leave an impression on you—whether you’re cringing, laughing, or both!

Below are four times he totally nailed his impersonations, listed in random order:

1. Impersonating Himself

Source: YouTube

2. Impersonating The Adorable Choo Sarang


Source: YouTube

3. Pretending He Was The Missing Red Velvet Member

Source: YouTube

4. Impersonating Gain

Source: YouTube

Although these were only four of Heechul’s “nailed it” impersonation moments, considering the length of his career, there are definitely countless more that we weren’t able to include in this list. Was your favorite impression on the list? If not, which one would you have included?

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