Where Are They Now? — Here’s What X1’s 11 Former Members Are Doing 1 Year After Disbandment

It’s already been a year since X1’s disbandment ㅠㅠ

Can you believe it’s already been just over a year since X1‘s untimely disbandment? After the temporary group was brought to a much quicker end than originally anticipated, saddened fans had to let go of their hopes for the 11-member team. But thankfully, as one door closes, another one opens. Here’s what all the former X1 members are doing now, a year since they departed.

1. Eunsang

After training for a year and two months with Brand New Music, Eunsang joined the pool of Produce X 101 contestants. While he didn’t make it into the top 10 finalists on the show, his cumulative score from all 12 episodes earned him the “X” rank, making him the final member of X1. Then 16 years old, he joined the group as a vocalist.

Now, at 18 years old, Lee Eun Sang is a rising solo star. He debuted at the end of August last year with “Beautiful Scar”, featuring former Wanna One member AB6IX‘s Woojin. His single album sold around 30,000 copies and reached no.7 on the Gaon Music Chart.

2. Minhee

Minhee became a contestant on Produce X 101 after training under Starship Entertainment for a year and two months. With a total of 749,444 votes in the finale, he ranked 10th and debuted as a vocalist in X1 at the age of 16.

Today, 18-year-old Minhee is a member of popular rookie group CRAVITY, where he’s the lead vocalist and part of the visual line. This January, CRAVITY released their third mini-album, Season 3. Hideout: Be Our Voice, along with the single “My Turn” (which amassed almost 10 million views in its first week).

3. Junho

At 17 years old, Junho debuted as a vocalist and visual in X1. He trained for a year and three months under Woollim Entertainment before joining Produce X 101, ranking 9th in the finale with a total of 756,939 votes.

Now, Junho is 18 years old and a member of rookie group DRIPPIN. He’s the group’s lead vocalist, visual, center, and face. DRIPPIN made their debut with mini album Boyager in October 2020, reaching over 50,000 sales in South Korea and making the charts in Japan too. Their first title track, “Nostalgia”, has over 6 million views to date.

4. Dohyon

Dohyon trained for just five months under MBK Entertainment before competing on Produce X 101, but that didn’t stop him from debuting as X1’s youngest member. With a total of 764,433 votes, he reached 8th rank and became the group’s main rapper and maknae at 14 years old.

Dohyon’s first return to stardom after X1’s disbandment was as part of duo H&D with fellow X1 member and labelmate Hangyul. Now, at 16, he’s back to being a group maknae and rapper once again in BAE173. BAE173 debuted in November last year with “Crush on U”, the lead single of their album Intersection: Spark. The album achieved almost 20,000 sales and reached no.12 on the Gaon Music Chart.

5. Hangyul

Hangyul had one of the longest training periods out of all the X1 members, spending four years and two months preparing for his debut. The MBK Entertainment star was 19 when he became the group’s main dancer and lead vocalist, ranking 7th on the show with a total of 794,411 votes.

After joining Dohyon as part of H&D, Hangyul also debuted in BAE173 last year. He’s still a main dancer, and now holds a vocalist role too. The group’s first title track, “Crush On You”, has achieved over 11 million views in around two months.

6. Dongpyo

DSP Media trainee Dongpyo was 16 years old when he competed in Produce X 101. With a total of 824,389 votes, he reached 6th place in the show’s finale. With one year and five months of training under his belt, Dongpyo became the lead dancer of X1 and part of the vocal line.

Dongpyo is now 18 years old, and while he hasn’t been seen on the music scene much since X1’s disbandment, all that is about to change. According to a statement from his agency this month, he’ll finally be debuting as part of a seven-member boy group in March 2021.

7. Seungyoun

Seungyoun was one of the few X1 members who already had a budding music career before joining Produce X 101 as a contestant. Back in 2014, he debuted in UNIQ—a collaborative group between YG Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment. After competing in rap competition Show Me the Money 5 in 2016, he debuted as soloist Luizy (later changing his stage name to WOODZ).

Then, of course, came Produce X 101, where he ranked 5th with a total of 929,311 votes. Seungyoun was X1’s main vocalist and lead rapper.

Following his departure from X1, Seungyoun returned to his solo career as WOODZ. He released his first mini-album, Equal, in June last year, following up with Woops! in November. Both albums achieved over 100,000 sales each and ranked in the top five of the Gaon Music Chart.

8. Hyeongjun

After training for a year and three months, Hyeongjun joined the lineup of Produce X 101. The Starship Entertainment trainee was one of the few contestants to achieve over 1 million votes in the finale, ranking 4th with 1,049,222 votes in total. At the age of 16, he debuted as a lead dancer, rapper, and vocalist in X1.

Like labelmate Minhee, 18-year-old Hyeongjun is now a member of CRAVITY. Leveling up his original position, Hyeongjun is the group’s main dancer and part of the vocal line. Together with his group, he’s won “Rookie of the Year” trophies at several major awards shows.

9. Seungwoo

The oldest member of X1, Seungwoo joined the idol industry in 2016 when he debuted as the leader, lead rapper, lead vocalist, and lead dancer VICTON.

At 24 years old, the Plan A Entertainment artist ranked 3rd on Produce X 101 with a total of 1,079,200 votes. In X1, he was the leader and main vocalist.

After X1’s disbandment, now-26-year-old Seungwoo returned to VICTON, but ultimately decided to give up his leader role to fellow member Seungsik. After long delays from the COVID-19 pandemic, VICTON finally released their latest single “What I Said” in January 2021. Back in August last year, Seungwoo also made his solo debut as Han Seung Woo with “Sacrifice”. His debut mini album, Fame, peaked at no.2 on the Gaon Music Chart with over 85,000 sales.

10. Wooseok

In 2015, Wooseok made his debut as a vocalist and visual in UP10TION (originally under the stage name Wooshin), making him another X1 member who joined the group midway through his own career.

He achieved remarkable results on Produce X 101, where a total of 1,304,033 votes put him in 2nd place overall. When he debuted in X1 at 22 years old, he was the group’s lead vocalist and visual.

These days, Wooseok is back to performing with UP10TION, whose last single (“Light”) was released in September 2020. The 24-year-old also got to make his solo debut as Kim Woo Seok with 1st Desire [Greed] back in May 2020, which amassed over 110,000 sales. He’s due to release his second mini album, 2nd Desire [Tasty], in just a few weeks.

11. Yohan

Last but not least, Yohan was the no.1 ranked member on Produce X 101 with a total of 1,334,011 votes. Though it may sound shocking given his immense popularity, Yohan trained for just three months before joining the show. At 19 years old, he became the lead rapper, vocalist, center, and face of X1.

After X1’s disbandment, it initially seemed like Yohan would be delving into acting. However, after it was confirmed that he would be joining the cast of School 2020 in February last year, the show was sadly cancelled too months later. Thankfully, in October las year, Yohan returned to fans as part of Oui Entertainment‘s new boy group, WEi. The 21-year-old is WEi’s lead dancer, lead vocalist, and sub rapper, and their debut single “Twilight” has over 14 million views on YouTube.

Where Are They Now?