The Year JYP Entertainment Released A Hit Song Month After Month

Do you agree that this was their best year?

One of the reasons why JYP Entertainment holds the coveted title of “Big 3” is because of the many hit songs they’ve released throughout the years.

There was a particular year, however, when they released songs almost every month that were all so good they’re still remembered today!

That year was 2015. Check out the songs below!

1. February – 15& “Love is Madness”

15& was hailed as one of the best vocal duos in the industry when they made their debut. Jaime, the winner of K-Pop Star, and Baek Yerin released their fourth and last single “Love is Madness” with Kanto of TROY.

2. March – Miss A “Only You”

A month later, Miss A made a comeback with “Only You”. It debuted at #1 on the Gaon Digital Chart.

3. April – J.Y. Park “Who’s Your Mama?”

Park Jinyoung himself made a comeback in April with “Who’s your mama?” While it was controversial for its sexual nature, the song was catchy and frequently sung.

4. May – Baek A Yeon “Shouldn’t Have”

Baek A Yeon, a K-Pop Star contestant, released “Shouldn’t Have” in May 2015. Her soulful vocals can make any listener a fan!

5. June – 2PM “My House”

JYP Entertainment’s legendary group, 2PM, released “My House” by Jun.K as one of their last songs before their military enlistment. Their album No.5 debuted at #1 in the Gaon Album Chart.

6. July – GOT7 “Just Right”

The second half of 2015 started right with GOT7‘s “Just Right”. It became one of their best selling singles, as well as the song that garnered them their most views on YouTube.

7. August – Wonder Girls “I Feel You”

Wonder Girls had a full-on band comeback with “I Feel You”. They proved their status as one of the top girl groups in the K-Pop industry by going beyond the usual.

8. September – DAY6 “Congratulations”

DAY6 finally made their debut with “Congratulations”, a soulful yet sarcastic track about break-ups. It set the tone for the melodic type of songs they would be known for.

9. October – TWICE “Like OOH-AHH”

The company’s first girl group since Wonder Girls, TWICE debuted to the high expectations of their fans with “Like OOH-AHH”. Their girl-next-door, friendly vibe was seen right away with this song.

10. November – Baek Yerin “Across the Universe”

Finally, JYP Entertainment ended their strong year with Baek Yerin‘s song “Across the Universe”. The melancholic sound was perfect for winter time.

2015 was truly a strong year for the company!

Richard Esguerra/ABS-CBN Sports
Source: theqoo