YG Entertainment Groups All Have Different Stage Outfit Styles—Here’s How They’re Unique

BLACKPINK has the most luxurious clothes.

YG Entertainment is known as the company that’s full of swag, that loves hip hop, and that dresses in street clothing. While this was characteristic of them in their first few years, they have grown considerably since then and each group now has their own unique colors.

Check them out below!


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BIGBANG was the definition of “idol hip hop” when they debuted. Their stage clothes were initially full of baggy shirts, backwards caps, and chain necklaces. They eventually moved on to leather jackets, studs, and generally more serious clothing.

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2. 2NE1

2NE1 was unique with their girl crush concept upon debut. Thanks to their strong hip hop tracks, they often wore rough street clothes and futuristic outfits throughout their career.


WINNER was the first group who diverged from YG Entertainment’s hip hop roots. They debuted with “Empty”, a song that showcased their soulful vocals. From here to “Baby Baby”, “Really Really”, and more, they became known for their elegant take on classic outfits like suits and ties.

4. iKON

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iKON brought back BIGBANG’s intense concepts and added their own unique touch. Their outfits were an extension of their refreshing colors. They often donned denim jackets, tight pants, and sweaters that could be seen even until their most recent comeback with “DIVE”.


AKMU leans more towards the “artists” than “idols” category. As a result, their music is the most important part of their stage. Their costumes are simply add-ons that serve the purpose of enhancing and not distracting from their sound. That said, they have the most stunning casual wear that anyone can look good in!


| Song Minho

BLACKPINK is one of the best known idols when it comes to style. They’re dressed in the most luxurious brands, from Chanel to Saint Laurent to Celine and more! Though the themes of their outfits change per comeback, they mostly wear crop tops, short skirts, blazers, lace blouses, and more. When it comes to elegant and fashionable women’s clothes, BLACKPINK wears the best of the best!


Last but not the least, TREASURE is the newest addition to the company. Since they only have one official title track so far, “BOY”, their looks are the easiest to pinpoint. They had on sporty clothes, jackets, shorts, and sneakers that brought out their youthful visuals perfectly.