5 Reasons Why It’s Great To Work For YG Entertainment Thanks To Their New Building

New headquarters means better benefits.

YG Entertainment treats their employees well; this is the sentiment that the members of TREASURE kept repeating when they gave fans a tour of their new headquarters.

The first episode of TREASURE Map Season 2 (30th episode overall) saw the boys finding gold coins throughout the building, giving viewers a closer look at its interior for the first time. YG Family fans can easily see why it would be great to work for the company in this new era. Check out some reasons why below!

1. The lounge areas are luxurious.

The first floor entrance is something that comes out of television dramas. The white aesthetic and huge monitor scream “expensive”.

Better yet, there are amenities like a gym and pool hall that staff can use!

Even the hallway is filled with modern furniture that looks comfortable to laze around in.

2. The workspaces are comfortable.

Like the lounge areas, the workspaces are clean and comfortable.

Each staff member gets his own cubicle with a PC, keyboard, chair, and cabinet. They have enough personal space to work without bothering each other.

3. The meals are renowned.

Who can forget YG Entertainment’s famous cafeteria? If you want to work for them, you’ll be given a wide variety of healthy food options, including a three dollar pho that TREASURE highly recommends.

The layout of the cafeteria is wide, spacious, and comfortable. It even has an enclosed room where you can take your meals as a group should you have the chance.

4. The snacks are nearby.

Thanks to YG Entertainment’s first floor convenience store, you can satisfy any morning, afternoon, or evening cravings. They offer a variety of food from juices to biscuits and even meals like ramen.

What makes it even more futuristic is its unmanned feature. Just enter, choose your snack, scan, and pay. It’s as quick and easy as can be!

5. The artists are kind

Finally, it’s worth it to work for YG Entertainment thanks to their kind artists. When Doyoung found a coin that he needed to collect in the front desk, he politely asked for it while bowing.

TREASURE, BLACKPINK, WINNER, iKON, AKMU, BIGBANG, and more are all artists who are known for being humble and respectful. Who wouldn’t want to work with such people?

If you want to see more of the 14-floor building, check out the video below!

Source: YouTube