Who Will Be In YG’s New Girl Group? Here Are The Trainees Who May Make The Lineup

These are the girls you could soon be stanning!

Just days ago, YG Entertainment confirmed that the company is planning to debut a new girl group in the second half of 2021, five years since the debut of BLACKPINK. In a new report, Korean media states that the members will have an average age of around just 15—but who will those members be? Here are the trainees that could be in the lineup.

1. Seojin

20-year-old Seojin was born Kang Seo Jin on September 25, 2000. Perhaps the most popular known YG Entertainment trainee of all, Seojin (whose stage name may alternatively be Jina) is expected to be a vocalist if she’s part of the new girl group lineup.


Seojin once trained under SM Entertainment, and she also appeared on the fourth season of the popular singing reality show K-Pop Star.

Her singing style has been compared to that of 2NE1‘s Park Bom, and numerous pre-debut fans are already obsessed with her voice.

There was once a rumor that Seojin had already left YG Entertainment. However, after contacting a YG Entertainment producer on Instagram, fans were told that she’s still under the company. That said, since it was revealed that the new girl group will have an average age of 15 to 16, many are now skeptical of whether Seojin will be able to make her debut alongside them.

2. Chaeeun

Chaeeun was born Yang Chae Eun sometime in 2006, making her around 14 to 15 years old—right in line with the new girl group’s age expectations.


Not much is known about Chaeeun other than that she used to be a model when she was younger.

She also trained at the well-known DEF Dance Skool and has shown off impressive dance skills before, so it’s possible she could be in the new girl group’s dance line if she debuts.

3. Hyunhee

At 15 or 16 years old, Hyunhee (born Kim Hyun Hee in 2005) is also a likely candidate for YG Entertainment’s new girl group.


Hyunhee’s former training academy, DEF Dance Skool, confirmed that she’d been accepted into YG Entertainment back in June last year, which means she’s trained for less than a year so far. Nevertheless, it’s likely she already has a lot of talent from her training as a DEF student.


After her powerful vocals were seen in a cover of Selena Gomez’s “Lose You to Love Me,” many fans began presuming Hyunhee could be the main vocalist of the new girl group.

That said, a video of Hyunhee dancing to IZ*ONE‘s “Fiesta” shows she’s just as talented as a dancer too.

4. Hyerin

Hyerin was born No Hye Rin in 2006, making her around the new girl group’s projected average age of 14 or 15 years old.


If Hyerin debuts, it’s possible her stage name could be Lyn. Little is known about her, but there’s speculation that she may have trained at JYP Entertainment and Kakao M before joining YG Entertainment. Some fans also think she could be the group’s main visual.


5. Chinese trainees

YG Entertainment also has several known trainees under its Chinese label, Shining Star Culture. However, it’s unclear whether they have a chance of debuting in the new Korean group. Considering they haven’t yet been promoted in South Korea and likely would have had trouble training there during the COVID-19 pandemic, many are assuming they’re more likely to debut in a separate Chinese group sometime in the future.

21-year-old Jane (born Wang Siyu)…


… and 20-year-old Vicky (born Wei Chen) are the most well-known trainees under Shining Star Culture because they both appeared on Youth With You last year.


Other Chinese trainees under YG Entertainment’s sub-label include 19-year-old Bella (born Zhang Qin)…


… and 18-year-old BerthA.


6. Former trainees

If you’re familiar with YG Entertainment’s past trainees, you may notice some once-popular trainees missing from the list. According to various sources, at least six expected candidates for the new girl group have already left the company.

15-year-old Hanbyul (also known by her Swedish name, Katties) confirmed she left YG Entertainment when she appeared on Mnet‘s survival show CAP-TEEN last year.

Hanbyul | Mnet

17-year-old Subin (born Ahn Su Bin) used to be a model for SKOOLOOKS before joining YG Entertainment and even modeled uniforms for Produce 48. However, she reportedly left the company in late 2020.


15-year-old Hayeon (born Jung Ha Yeon), who studied in China and once debuted in a project group called Little Cheer Girls, reportedly left YG Entertainment in late 2020.

16-year-old Eunkyul (born Kim Eun Kyul), a former contestant on Mnet‘s Idol School, is also believed to have left the company last year.

There’s also Seoyoung (born Byun Seo Young), who is around 13 or 14 years old. Earlier this year, DEF Dance Academy confirmed Seoyoung is a student with them, indicating that she’s now left YG Entertainment.


Finally, a trainee by the name of Chloe (born Lee Ga Won) was also known to train at YG Entertainment. However, after leaving the company earlier this year, she requested that fans stop sharing her photos online.