Yoo Seung Ho And Chae Soo Bin’s Kiss Scene Goes From Passionate…To Just Awkward

Things got awkward real quick.

Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin were quite the romantic pairing in I’m Not a Robot, where they shared some intense scenes.

Behind the scenes footage shows that there can be some awkward moments after a kiss scene. The two even had some initial struggles on how they would approach the kiss scene.

Even approaching each other was difficult, where they would immediately start getting shy.

The two eventually did their kiss scene and pulled it off greatly.

After the passionate the scene, they couldn’t even look at each other. Yoo Seung Ho even got up and tried to lighten up the atmosphere in some way.

When they had to do more takes of the kiss scene, they struggled to get started sometimes.

Here is the full video below!