You’ll (Probably) Never Marry BTS’s Jin, But These 5 Traits Prove He’s Perfect Husband Material

Whoever gets to marry Jin is the luckiest person out there!

There are almost eight billion people in the world, and at most, one might get to marry BTS’s Jin. Statistically, that one person probably won’t be you. But whoever ends up being Jin’s future partner for life is one of the luckiest out there, because there’s no doubt he’s the perfect husband material—and here’s proof.

1. He’ll cook the best dinners

If there’s a woman out there who’s lucky enough to marry Jin, she can forget gender norms. Instead of slaving over a hot stove every day, she’d be treated to Jin’s delicious cooking.

Given that Jin has his own mukbang web-series, Eat Jin, it’s no surprise he takes his food seriously. The members have praised Jin’s cooking numerous times, highlighting how often he makes sure all the members are fed. Netizens even once voted him ‘Idol With The Best Cooking Skills’.

His dishes may not have been enough to impressed renowned TV chef Gordon Ramsey, but they’re sure to impress whoever he ends up dating.

2. He’ll impress any parent

Taking a boyfriend home to meet your parents can be extremely nerve-racking. If he makes a bad first impression, he may never be able to regain your mom and dad’s approval—even after you’re married. Of course, Jin’s polite nature would be sure to impress any parent.

ARMYs are often in awe of just how polite Jin is. He always makes sure to bow deeply to his seniors and shows the utmost respect to those around him. His polite nature was even part of the inspiration behind his humble BT21 character, RJ.

3. He makes the best dad jokes

There’s more to being a dad than looking after your children and loving them deeply—it’s also crucial that your dad jokes are on-point. If the person who gets to marry Jin wants kids, they can rest assured that his dad jokes are just as silly and hilarious as they should be.

4. He’ll sing his partner to sleep

After a long, stressful day, Jin would know just how to get you off to a peaceful sleep—singing you a lullaby. As a natural tenor, his voice is unique, emotive, and oh-so-soothing.

His sweet voice would probably get the kids to sleep after a bedtime tantrum too, making Jin’s vocals a win-win for whoever gets to marry him.

5. He’s handsome

Looks aren’t everything, but there’s no denying that they’re a bonus. So, who better to marry than Mr. Worldwide Handsome himself?

The person who gets to wake up to this face every day will be very lucky indeed.