If You’re Brave Enough, Here Are The World’s Top 3 Worst Prisons… All of Them Are In Asia

Prison itself is one of the worst places to find yourself, but imagine what could be the worst of the worst?

Out of the worst prisons around the world, the top 3 were located right in Asia!

Find out why these three prisons are literally hell on Earth.

3rd – Camp 22, North Korea

Hyoeryong Concentration Camp, also known as Camp 22 imprisons mostly political prisoners who are not criminals but are labeled enemies of the state.

They imprison all the family members and children up to three generations of the deemed criminal.

They torture, exploit their labor and do medical experiments on them.

2nd – China’s Military Organ Transplant Centers, China

Transplant centers are technically not a prison but they have largely been affiliated with horrible secrets of Chinese prisons.

Since around 2000, The Chinese government labeled Falun Gong practitioners a threat to them and sent them to concentration camps all over China.

After a long investigation, it was found that incarcerated Falun Gong practitioners became a live organ bank for use by transplant centers all across China and around 1.5 million prisoners were murdered for their organs.

AFP PHOTO / ROBERT MICHAEL (Photo credit should read ROBERT MICHAEL/AFP/Getty Images)

1st – Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, China

The Masanjia Forced Labor Camp is located in Shenyang, China, and is named the most horrific prison in the world.

They are infamous for their brutal torture methods, slave labor, and harsh living conditions.

They imprison religious practitioners, mostly Fulan Gong practitioners, who are often sentenced without trial.

They also test the blood of their imprisoners to list them on the bank of living organ donor catalogs, eventually killing them on demand for their organs.

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