10 Times Netflix’s “Physical: 100” Star Yun Sung Bin Made Us Drool Over His Hot AF Instagram Photos

Hello, hello, hello to Sung Bin in #8.

Viewers of Netflix‘s Physical: 100 are familiar with one of South Korea’s top athletes: Yun Sung Bin. The Olympic gold medalist in skeleton is a favorite on the program, showcasing his incredible athleticism and physique in each challenge.

To see more examples of the latter, check out some of his hottest Instagram posts below!

1. Gym Time

First up, this shot of him at the gym puts his body into focus.

Yun Sung Bin | @top.physical/Instagram

2. Flexing

He’s the definition of “fit.”

| @top.physical/Instagram

3. Dog Dad

He’s a dog dad…and a hot one at that.

| @top.physical/Instagram

4. Dog Dad II

It’s crazy how his biceps are almost the size of his dog’s head.

| @top.physical/Instagram

5. Front Selfie Time

There’s no doubt that Sung Bin can fill out a shirt well.

| @top.physical/Instagram

6. Back Training

He makes sure to train his back, and it shows.

| @top.physical/Instagram

7. A Casual Day Out

A casual Sung Bin in a muscle tee might be the death of us.

| @top.physical/Instagram

8. Men’s Health

The Physical: 100 star appeared in the famous Men’s Health magazine and none of us can look away!

He made our hearts beat in every single picture.

9. Behind The Scenes

As this backstage photo proves, Sung Bin looks just as good in real life as he does in photos.

| @top.physical/Instagram

10. Esquire

Last but certainly not the least, his recent Esquire photoshoot was jaw-dropping in the best ways.

Source: Instagram

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