[★BREAKING] B.A.P files lawsuit against TS Entertainment for contract nullification

B.A.P has just filed a lawsuit against TS Entertainment to terminate their contract citing unfair treatment.

According to legal officials, the members of B.A.P. have filed a lawsuit on November 26th against TS Entertainment to nullify their contracts.

The members, who signed their contracts back in March 2011, have decided to file for termination stating that the contract was too one-sided. The terms of the contract were simply too advantageous for the company and disadvantageous for the members.

The members stated that the contract holds them to the company for more than 7 years, and began not on the date the contract was signed but when their first album was released. In addition, the terms dictated by the Fair Trade Commission weren’t included, while providing an over-intrusion of privacy.

The members also stated that the share of profit is far too partial to the company, and the terms of termination of the contracts are also too unfair for the members.

TS Entertainment is currently confirming the authenticity of the lawsuit and is expected to make an official statement soon.

Recently, B.A.P. has been having trouble with their schedules and health problems. On October 27th, TS Entertainment reported that B.A.P.’s South American tour would be cancelled just weeks before the actual event, citing concerns over the health of the members.

Source: X-Sports