10 Korean Artists That Have Collaborated With Yiruma

Yiruma is a world-renowned contemporary classical pianist who has collaborated with many K-Pop artists to bring you songs you know and love!

He is embarking on his second North American tour this November, visiting Toronto, Chicago, Seattle, and Vancouver.

The concert is organized by HagiEn and ticket information can be found here!

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1. “Halo” with Hyolyn

In 2012, Yiruma performed a cover of Beyoncé’s “Halo” with Hyolyn who has actually garnered the nickname of being the “Korean Beyoncé”.

2. “Hate” with Baek Jiyoung

A collaboration comeback single for Baek Jiyoung released in 2013.

3. “One Spring Day” with 2AM A collaboration track for 2AM’s One Spring Day album.

4. “Selene 6.23” with SHINee

A song composed by Yiruma with lyrics written by Jonghyun, “Selene 6.23” is the title track of SHINee’s third studio album, The Misconceptions of Us.

Taemin also performed Yiruma’s “River Flows In You” on the piano at Show Music Core Live in 2012.

5. “Higher” with Ailee

A collaboration single release from Yiruma and Ailee (2013).

6. “Play That Song” with G.O (MBLAQ) and 2Face

A solo release from MBLAQ’s G.O (2013).

7. “Winter Nights” with Kim Woojoo

A collaboration single for Kim Woojoo’s album, More Softly.

8. “River Flows In You” with Henry Lau

A piano duet version of Yiruma’s “River Flows In You” for the second episode of Henrys’ show Henry’s Real Music: You, Fantastic.

9. “Day Day” with BewhY and PREPIX

BewhY collaborated with Yiruma for the 2016 MAMA by performing a piano version of his Show Me The Money 5 single “Day Day”.

10. “River Flows In You” with Ruvin

The famous song from Yiruma, “River Flows In You” was released in 2009 for Yiruma’s Movement On A Theme mini album with vocals from Ruvin.