10 Year Old Hip Hop Genius Blows YG and JYP Away

K-Pop Star 6 has been surprising viewers with every new episode it airs.

Talented contestants turn up every year and they just keep getting younger and younger. This time, contestant Kim Jongsub has caught the eye of the public and the hearts of all the judges.

Kim Jongsub, who is only 10-years-old, performed a self-written rap and dance for his audition. All three judges were stunned by his stage.

Yoo Heeyeol started off by saying, “He is an amazing fellow. His rap is on point and his talent is amazing. He is a born natural.” Yang Hyunsuk also only had compliments for the young contestant. He said, “I hear your specialty is studying and that you read over 1000 books. No wonder your lyrics are written so well. I want to give you 99 points out of a hundred for your ability to convey your rap.”

Yang Hyunsuk did not stop there. He continued. “It’s ridiculous a 10-year-old can rap and dance like that. I think [he] will improve more in the future.”

Park Jinyoung seemed to agree as he shared that “one must be really smart to match rhymes like that. I think [he] has a very good head. He also knows what dance is. He dances knowing the feeling of seducing a person’s heart.” He ended his critique by saying, “I feel like I have seen all of this person’s talent and brains. It is a scary combination. He is very good at conveying himself. I look forward [to his stages].”

It is extremely hard to receive such praise from even one judge. However, it looks like Kim Jongsub has all three of the judges under his spell.

Watch his performance below and see if you agree with what the judges said.


Fans have also discovered a short video of him recording another one of his original rap songs.

Source: Dispatch