(★BREAKING) 100%’s Minwoo Passes Away After Being Rushed To Hospital From Cardiac Arrest

100%’s Minwoo passed away last night after suffering a cardiac arrest, and his label released a statement.

Minwoo, the leader of 100%, has passed away last night. He was found at his home after his heart stopped from a cardiac arrest. Although the rescue team responded immediately, he was pronounced dead.

His label and his family are preparing to hold his funeral in a quiet manner in the days to come.

TOP Media released an official statement reflecting on the beloved leader, and expressing their condolences to his family, friends and fans around the world.

“This is TOP Media.

We are sorry to have to inform everyone with such a sudden and sad news.

100% member Seo Minwoo has left us on March 25. He was found at his home after suffering a cardiac arrest. Although the rescue team was called in immediately to try and save him, he was pronounced dead.

The 100% members, TOP Media artists and staff, as well as his family are mourning his sudden death. Minwoo was a loving friend, a dependable leader to his members, and someone who sincerely loved his fans.

We are more saddened by his death because he was such a compassionate and honest person.

His funeral will be quietly held according to the will of his family.

We pray Minwoo will rest in peace.”

— TOP Media

Source: OSen
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