These 11 Idol Girls All Just Graduated From Hanlim Multi Art School!

Congratulations to these star graduates!

Just like many members of Red Velvet, TWICE, and dozens more popular groups before them, these 11 idols have just graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School! Most of us don’t get to pose for the press or give interviews at our graduation ceremonies, but that’s exactly what happened at the Hanlim ceremony on February 7. Balancing studies and stardom must be hard, so best wishes to these budding performers now they’re free to focus on becoming the best idols they can be!


1. Ryujin (ITZY)

ITZY’s main rapper Ryujin graduated from Hanlim’s Practical Dance department.

Ryujin says that even after graduating and entering adulthood, she still plans to show growth as a member of ITZY. 


2. Chaeryeong (ITZY)

Chaeryeong, the main dancer of ITZY, graduated from the Musical Theatre department.

Chaeryeong described her graduation as bittersweet, but she says she’ll be working hard to become a good influence on everyone around her.


3. Somi

Soloist and former I.O.I member Somi graduated from the department of Applied Music at Hanlim Multi Art School.

Somi revealed school has been meaningful to her since she’s been balancing her singing career with her education since middle school. She’s curious to see what’s in store for her adult years and will continue working on her music in 2020.


4. Minju (GWSN)

Lead dancer Minju from GWSN graduated after studying with the Broadcasting & Entertainment department.

Minju said she’s both sad and happy to be graduating. Her fellow GWSN members joined her for the ceremony and gave her well wishes for the future.


5. Jueun (ARIAZ)

Maknae Jueun is the last ARIAZ member to graduate. She studied Applied Music at Hanlim.

Jueun was joined by her supportive ARIAZ members too.


6. Seyeon (Purple Beck)

Seyeon from Purple Beck is also the last graduate of her group. She’s the group’s main rapper.


7. Juyeon (SATURDAY)

SATURDAY’s lead vocalist Juyeon graduated from Hanlim’s Broadcasting & Entertainment department.

The SATURDAY members cheered Juyeon on at the ceremony, where she told reporters that she had a great time at high school and hopes her group will continue to do well.


8. Hyeongseo (Busters)

Hyeongseo may be Busters’ main vocalist, but she didn’t study music at Hanlim. Instead, she graduated from the Broadcasting & Entertainment department.


9. Saet Byeol (Girls’ Alert)

Girls’ Alert’s lead vocalist Saet Byeol studied Applied Music before graduating from Hanlim.


10. Sebin (S.I.S)

S.I.S’s Maknae Sebin, who was part of the musical team under the Incheon Office of Education, graduated from the department of Applied Music.



11. May (NeonPunch)

Lead vocalist May from NeonPunch was a student at Hanlim Multi Art School’s Applied Music department before graduating.