11 Photos Prove TWICE Chaeyoung Has the Most Irresistible Dimples

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung‘s dimples are just another reason why this idol is absolutely adorable and loveable! 

K-Pop idols are known for being sexy and beautiful, but there some that are just downright adorable! TWICE’s Chaeyoung is one such adorable idol and her cheek dimples are the cherry on top!

Check out the adorable photos below!

Chaeyoung TWICE
Who could resist such adorable dimples?
chaeyoung of twice
Chaeyoung’s dimples are so cute!
chaeyoun smiling in photo
What a beautiful smile!
Chaeyoung at a fanmeet!
Her dimples never fail to come out!
chaeyoung twice
Chaeyoung’s dimples appear even for a subtle smile.
Chaeyoung’s dimples are like an extension of her smile.
Chaeyoung is cute even while drinking!
Between Chaeyoung’s dimples and her critter costume, this may be her cutest look yet.
Simply adorable.
Doesn’t get much cuter than Chaeyoung with dimples and dwarfed by a puffy coat.
Chaeyoung’s bright red lipstick really accents her dimples here.

Can you handle all the adorable?