Girl’s Day’s Hyeri dethrones miss A’s Suzy as Queen of CFs for 2016

With the rise of Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri in popularity since her infamous “aegyo” moment on Real Men and continuing with her appearance in drama Reply 1988, she has acquired many model contracts for different brands.

Between 2012 and 2014, miss A member Suzy was nicknamed the “100 billion won girl” as she rose as one of the top advertising models with 25 contracts in cosmetics, clothings, mobile, and more. Despite currently only juggling seven contracts this year, Suzy continues to come in the Top 3 in advertising surveys.

Hyeri is reported to be the official advertising model for 15 different brands with 10 more CFs to shoot for this year.

With her recent image in Reply 1988 where she shows off a healthy, bright, and charming character, it has attracted advertisers to Hyeri.

Advertising agent Yoon Seol Hee commented, “As a member of a girl group, Suzy was at the top of the advertising industry for a long time. But due to her dating news with Lee Min Ho and her latest film’s box-office failure, there’s been a cloud between her and the advertising industry. Hyeri is gaining positive response thanks to her unique bright and cheerful image.”

Source: Ilgan Sports