Jung Hyung Don officially drops out of cooking-variety program “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator”

Entertainer Jung Hyung Don has officially dropped out of the JTBC cooking-variety program Please Take Care of My Refrigerator as its MC as he prepares to continue his treatment for anxiety disorder.

While many viewers hoped that the entertainer wouldn’t officially leave the program as he took a temporarily leave two months ago, his official leave was confirmed on January 6th.

Officials from his agency, FNC Entertainment, told TV Report, “The situation hasn’t changed since discontinuing his activities,” and continued on to note that Jung Hyung Don did not want to burden the staff of the show further by having temporary MCs taking his place on the show during his absence and thus officially announced his leave. The agency further stated that they cannot give a definite answer regarding his official return to the industry.

On December 27th, Jung Hyung Don was confirmed to have traveled to Australia with his family where he is currently undergoing medical treatment. Regarding his whereabouts, the agency said, “He is currently staying in Australia. When he will return we don’t know.”

Source: TV Report