Lee Seung Gi releases “I’m Going To The Military” single after confirming enlistment date

News regarding Lee Seung Gi‘s military enlistment has finally arrived as the multi-entertainer is set to depart early this February.

According to his agency Hook Entertainment on January 21st, Lee Seung Gi will be enlisting on February 1st.

After receiving his enlistment notice, he relayed through his agency, “I will return as a real men to show my appreciate to everyone who has loved me all this time.” 

As a gift to fans, Lee Seung Gi also released a new track on January 21st at noon, “I Am Going To The Military,” which is now available on digital Korean music sites for download/listen.

He continued, “I prepared myself mentally because I didn’t know when I would receive my enlistment notice. Since I’m unable to meet every one, I sing my apology to you. This song is my story, but I hope that this song is one that everyone who will be entering the army services and their families can relate to.”

Source: Star News