E-Commerce Site 11Street Seeks “Kind Understanding” From Customers For Using Kim Seon Ho As A Model

They are facing backlash.

Actor Kim Seon Ho was previously swept up in controversy when his ex-girlfriend accused him of coercing her into abortion. Afterwards, records of their text messages were released by Dispatch, which reflected that he showed support to her during the pregnancy. According to Dispatch, the ex-girlfriend’s acquaintances even stepped up to claim that the couple had broken up due to the ex-girlfriend’s infidelity and lies.

Following the saga, companies that had previously taken down Kim Seon Ho’s advertisements with them began to put them back up one by one. One such company was 11Street, an E-commerce site that sells a variety of goods.

| 11Street

Unfortunately, as his advertisements went up once more, 11Street began to receive complaints from the public. One such complaint questioned their decision to reinstate him as a model. To that. 11Street only had one answer.

Hello. This is 11Street’s Customer Service. Firstly, thank you for loving 11Street and sending your opinions. In April, Kim Seon Ho was chosen as our model and he has diligently fulfilled his duties. On October 10, Kim Seon Ho made an official apology and afterwards, the other party had accepted it as well, so 11Street decided to reinstate him as a model. Before things heated up in October, we had already filmed the advertisement for November Festival, which went on air from 11am on November 1. We request for your kind understanding and we thank you once more for your sincere opinions sent to us. We will do our best for our customers. Thank you.

— 11Street

Following the statement, it was reposted by the customer onto community sites where 11Street faced backlash.

| theqoo
  • “I withdrew my membership.”
  • “I don’t want to give my understanding.”
  • “I just finished withdrawing.”
  • “I just withdrew.”
  • “Yeah, gonna boycott^^”
  • “Don’t care about (your customers) as usual and carry on as you wish.”

Their firm stance in their advertisement model has impressed many fans while others feel that as a business, it will affect their public reputation to use a model that has been involved in controversy. SALT Entertainment has not yet commented on any matters involving Kim Seon Ho and his advertisement contracts.

Source: theqoo

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