12 tracks from Gaeko’s debut album deemed inappropriate for broadcast by KBS

KBS released their official statement on Gaeko‘s debut album Redingray and confirmed that 12 out of his 17 tracks are deemed inappropriate for broadcast.

On October 22nd, KBS released a statement on their review of Gaeko’s first solo album and confirmed that the majority of the tracks, including his title “Rose” failed to meet the agency’s criteria for broadcast.

The verdict on the suitability of these songs were reasoned to be an accumulation of many factors, including the mention of brand names such as Tylenol, Advil and Nike, inappropriate innuendos, and the use of high modality curse words in the songs.

They have banned tracks such as “Rose”, “Snapper Ending Remix”, “Festival Virign”, “Chaser the Rapper Part 2”, “Mr Vengeance Part 2”, “Silver Sonata”, “Oh My God”, “Chaser the Rapper Part 1”, “East, Seoul Blues Part 3”, and “Passout” for broadcast. The tracks  has a long list of featured artist such as Dynamic Duo‘s Choiza, Gaeko, Crush, DJ Friz, DJ Soulscape, TROY‘s Bumkey and more.

Gaeko released his debut album Redingray last October 15th which achieved an all-kill status following its release. He is currently promoting the album through title tracks “Rose” and “No Makeup”.

Source: Hankook Ilbo