Ryeowook honestly confesses he wants to do better than Kyuhyun with his solo

With only days away until the release of his first and debut solo album The Little Prince, Ryeowook revealed his truest desire in which he’d like to achieve with it.

On January 25th, Ryeowook celebrated the upcoming release of his mini-album a few days early with a commemorative showcase.

That day, Ryeowook said, “I shared the songs with the other members to listen to,” revealing that unlike Kyuhyun who did not let the other Super Junior member listen to his album before release, Ryeowook was interested in their opinion on his own. “I received a lot of encouragement from the members, it seemed fine.”

When asked by the MC whether Ryeowook felt burdened by the success of Kyuhyun’s own solo career, the Super Junior member replied, “I would have felt burdened if Kyuhyun had not done well. Rather, it gives me strength that it was received well.”

He then further adds, “To be honest, I want to do much better than Kyuhyun.”

Ryeowook’s mini-album The Little Prince will be released on January 28th with his first broadcast stage to occur on the same day on M! Countdown where he will perform his title track of the same name.

Source: TV Daily