Actor Yoo Shi Yoon names which idol girl group gave him strength while in the military

Actor Yoo Shi Yoon was released from his military enlistment duties on January 27th, greeting the public after two years in the army.

He was released from the Marine Corps 2nd Division based in Western Hyangdong in Incheon on the 27th at 9am KST, greeting fans and reporters as well as holding a short Q&A.

There, when asked which girl group gave him strength while in the military, he replied, “Personally, I like MAMAMOO.”

Yoo Shi Yoon is known for his drama roles in King of Baking and Flower Boy Next Door. He was admitted into the Marine Corps on April 2014 and was finally released on the 27th after a year and nine months.

Source: X Sports News and TV Report