WINNER confirms first broadcast comeback stage on M! Countdown

Eighteen months since releasing their debut album in August 2014, WINNER‘s comeback album is a little over a day away with news of their official comeback stage confirmed.

On February 1st, WINNER will be releasing their new mini-album EXIT which will contain the much-look forward to and double title tracks “Baby Baby” and “Sentimental,” which have both been heavily teased with the various pre-release cover teasers from participating artists such as G-Dragon, Katie Kim, Epik High, DEAN, and more.

According to multiple broadcasters on January 29th, following the release of their mini-album, WINNER will be taking up their first broadcast comeback stage via Mnet‘s M! Countdown on the 4th.

This stage will be the most exciting for Inner Circles as WINNER is expected to not only perform one, not two, but three tracks that day including both their title tracks as well as Nam Taehyun‘s self-written track, “I’m Young.”

Source: Star News