Singer Kim Greem may become a free agent following contract expiration in April

Singer Kim Greem is expected to become a free agent in a few months. 

According to a music industry official on February 10th, her exclusive contract with Nextar Entertainment is set to expire this April.

Nextar Entertainment, an entertainment agency led by renown composer Cho Young Soo, is the agency Kim Greem made her debut under in 2011. However, it seems uncertain as to whether Kim Greem will renew with the agency with many suspecting she will soon become a free agent. Generally, agency and their artists will comment discussions months before the approaching expiration date but word has it that not even this has started between Nextar and Kim Greem.

Kim Green rose to prominence through Superstar K2 in 2011 becoming one of the Top 11 contestants.

She debuted with Fly High in April 2011.

Source: Star News