G-Friend records 121 hours of all-kill and 6 music show trophies for “Rough”

Just over a year since their debut, girl group G-Friend is making a rise to the top with their latest title track “Rough.”

On February 11th, M! Countdown announced G-Friend as its #1 winner for the week making this the second consecutive trophy they have won for this particular music show, rising their music show trophy count to win. In addition, they have recorded 121 hours of achieving an all-kill with “Rough” as well.

In addition, G-Friend’s “Me Gustas Tu,” a song released in the summer of 2015, also continues on strong in the Top 20 on real-time and daily online music charts.

For these reasons, G-Friend has been given the nickname of “God-Friend” to express their amazing achievement mentioned above in just a year.

G-Friend released their 3rd mini-album Snowflake on January 25th and has been promoting their title song “Rough.” They won their very first music show trophy on The Show on February 2nd, followed by Show Champion on the 3rd, M! Countdown on the 4th and 11th, Music Bank on the 5th, and Inkigayo on the 7th.

Source: OSEN