Tablo raises anticipation for Lee Hi’s album, “An album she can take pride in”

Lee Hi will finally be making her long-awaited comeback in March with a brand new album with Tablo and DJ Tukutz as the leading producers, raising even more anticipation for her return.

Recently, Tablo tweeted about Lee Hi’s comeback in March on February 24th and said, “I have a great name as ‘Lee Hi’s album producer.’ To be more precise, DJ Tukutz and I both are the producers but our role is more like curators. We help both ourselves and musicians whom we’ve carefully selected to complete an album that Lee Hi can be proud of. Lee Hi is the producer of Lee Hi’s album. We are just the bridge between Lee Hi and other artists so that she can sing happily.”

Lee Hi’s upcoming album will undoubtedly feature various artists she will be collaborating with, and it is set to be release sometimes in early March, her first since FIRST LOVE in March 2013.

Source: X Sports News