Taecyeon reacts to news of J.Y. Park confirmed appearance on “Weekly Idol”

With his digital single Still Alive nearing its release with less than one week to go, J.Y. Park has been confirmed to be making his very first appearance on the popular show, Weekly Idol.

His appearance was confirmed by the show’s crew on April 5th.

With this being J.Y. Park’s very first time being on the show in addition to him being his agency’s main representative, there is much anticipation for his appearance. In particular that is being most looked forward to is the show’s ‘Random Dance’ segment as the producer boasts a singing career of 24 years. Will he remember all his dances?

With the news of his appearance, 2PM member Taecyeon joked about his CEO’s appearance on the show, tweeting, “Before 2PM kukuku,” as the JYP Entertainment boy group has also never been on the show before.

Though 2PM did make a comeback last year with the song “My House,” their short promotions in South Korea did not allow them time to make much guestings on variety shows.

J.Y. Park’s digital single will be available online on April 10th while his guesting episode on Weekly Idol will air on the 20th.

Source: My Daily and Segye Ilbo