J.Y. Park reveals how his collaboration with Conan O’Brien came to be

J.Y. Park has been the talk of the town after his collaboration project with Conan O’Brien and The Walking Dead‘s own Steven Yeun was revealed.

On April 9th (PST), the music video to J.Y. Park’s “Fire” was published through Team Coco’s YouTube channel (Conan Show‘s YouTube) with Conan and Steven Yeun taking the lead as the stars aside from the artist himself. Additionally, there were cameo appearances from Wonder Girls and TWICE who played as J.Y. Park’s band and stylists/backup dancers respectively.

On April 13th, the founder of JYP Entertainment revealed the circumstances behind the collaboration during his guesting on SBS Power FM’s Cultwo Show.

He reveals, “Conan O’Brien’s team liked K-pop that they had a goal to have him appear in a music video. They contacted me first and offered to pay the production fees.”

J.Y. Park further revealed that he had originally planned to release the song without a music video but by starring in the music video, Conan and Steven Yeun have helped spread the music worldwide.

As of this writing, “Fire” has reached 2.8 million views.

Source: Newsen