Members of sub-unit ZE:A J set to each release solo singles starting with Kevin

Fans are in for a surprise at noon KST today with ZE:A member Kevin dropping his first solo single, Collection.

On April 21st, Star Empire revealed, “ZE:A unit ‘ZE:A J‘ members Kevin, Heecheol and Dongjun will release their first solo song to the public. The first up is Kevin.”

Following Kevin with his single Collection, which is set to be released on April 21st at noon KST, Heecheol will be next with the single First Love and Dongjun with the single Healing to be released on the 26th and May 3rd respectively.

Collection is said to be a seductive dance track with Kevin participating as a lyricist and composer.

Just prior to its release, Kevin will be communicating with fans on Naver’s V App at 11:50am KST.

Image: ZE:A Kevin "Collection" / Star Empire
Image: ZE:A Kevin “Collection” / Star Empire

Source: X Sports News