All 14 of K-Pop’s Biggest Artists That Will Make Their Comeback (or Debut!) in November

November is a K-Pop fan’s dream month!

October isn’t over yet, but many of K-Pop’s biggest names out there have announced their comebacks for November. Here are 14 of K-Pop’s most popular artists who will be making their comebacks in a crazy, packed November.


November 2: EXO

EXO will be making their long awaited comeback on November 2 with their 5th full album Don’t Mess Up My Tempo. The album will contain a total of 11 tracks, and will include Lay! Member Chanyeol lent his producing talents to 2 of the tracks in the album.


November 5: TWICE

TWICE will be making their comeback with their 6th mini-album Yes or Yes. The mini-album will include 7 tracks, including a Korean version of their Japanese hit “BDZ”. Members Jeongyeon, Chaeyoung, and Jihyo also contributed lyrics to songs from the album.


November 6: gugudan

Gugudan will be making their comeback with a new mini-album Act.5 New Action on November 6. It will be their first mini-album as 8 members, as Hyeyeon just announced her departure from the group in order to focus on her health. She will however, remain with Jellyfish Entertainment.


November 6: K.Will

Starship Entertainment‘s representative ballad artist will be making his comeback on November 6 with part 2 of his 4th full album, 想像;Mood Indigo. Over 1 year since the release of part 1, [Nonfiction], he will finally be capping off his 2 year long project.


November 7: DIA

DIA‘s comeback date in November has been made public since September, when MBK Entertainment announced the group would be working with Shinsadong Tiger for their next comeback after “Woo Woo”. The song has been described as the second-coming of T-ara‘s mega-hit “Bo Peep Bo Peep”.


November 8: HOTSHOT

HOTSHOT will be making their comeback on November 8 and this comeback will include Taehyun, who completed his promotions with JBJ and Hojung, who completed his promotions with UNB. Their comeback will be in the form of a mini-album, featuring 5 tracks.


November 12: BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Jennie will be making her solo debut on November 12 and BLINK’s around the world are extremely excited for what she will show. Jennie is expected to show off even more of her charms, ones that she has not shown during her time with BLACKPINK.


November 19: Wanna One

Wanna One will be making their final comeback as a group on November 19, as their contract ends on December 31. This comeback may mark the final time Wannables will be able to see all 11 members at once, as there have been no updates on the possibility of a short contract extension.


The following groups have announced or been rumored to be making their comeback in November, but there has not been a specific date set yet.

Mid November: EXID

EXID has been reported to be making their comeback in November, which would mark the first time in 1 year and 10 months that the group will hold Korean promotions as 5 members Solji, who just recently returned from her health hiatus.


Mid to Late November: Mamamoo

Mamamoo has been reported to be joining the November comeback craze with a new album. Very little is known about their comeback, but it is expected to be another part of their “4 seasons 4 colors” project.


November: BTOB

BTOB have confirmed their comeback with a new mini-album within the month, which will be their first comeback as only 6 members, since Eunkwang has enlisted in the military. The group gave Melody (BTOB’s fanclub) a surprise gift ahead of their comeback, with a pre-release of the song “Friend” which included Eunkwang.


November: NU’EST W

Pledis Entertainment has confirmed NU’EST W is preparing for their comeback, with plans to have the comeback in November, however nothing is set in stone or finalized yet. This will be the group’s last promotions as 4 members, as Hwang Minhyun will soon return to the group.


November: WINNER’s Mino

WINNER‘s Mino was confirmed to be making his solo debut by YG Entertainment in November, but the specific date has not been revealed yet. Mino has been working on his solo album for a long time, and Yang Hyun Suk just recently posted a teaser of his music video filming.


November?: Red Velvet

Red Velvet was originally reported to be making their comeback in November. SM Entertainment spoke up shortly after, saying that the group was indeed preparing for their next comeback, but they have not decided a date yet.