14U’s Disbandment Reportedly Caused By A Member’s Sexual Relationship With Older Staff

The agency responded to the report’s claims.

14U was a 14-member group that debuted back in July 2017. With less than 2 years under their belt, the rising group suddenly announced their disbandment.

Xportsnews decided to look into the reason behind their disbandment and reported a scandalous story that quickly became a hot issue.


Their report claimed that one of the members who is in his early 20’s had an “inappropriate” relationship with a staff member who is in her late 30’s. Despite their 10+ years difference in age, the member and the staff allegedly had sexual relations during their promotional trips to Japan. Their relationship was eventually discovered by the other members and staff. When confronted about their relationship, the member allegedly claimed that they were in love.

When the other members’ parents heard of the alleged story, they demanded that they cancel the boys’ exclusive contracts. All but one of the members supposedly left the company.


In response to the reported news, the CEO of 14U’s agency announced that the rumors were exaggerated and falsified.

The rumors were exaggerated and it never happened. The members each had different dreams so the parents agreed to disband the group.

— Baekgom Entertainment CEO

Source: Xports News