From 161 Cm To 168 Cm: A Korean Man Undergoes “Leg Lengthening Surgery” To Become Taller

It was not an easy operation.

A “client” on the KBS Joy variety program Unpredictable Fortunetellers recently shared his story about undergoing leg lengthening surgery.

The client stated he underwent height surgery. | KBS Joy

On August 14, a 34-year-old client approached the hosts, Lee Soo Geun and Seo Jang Hoon, to ask for advice about his struggles. During the episode, the man revealed that he had undergone height surgery, specifically leg lengthening surgery. He explained that “height surgery is not well-known, so it was difficult to find information about it.”

Therefore, he decided to share information by posting about his surgery experience on social media. He usually uploaded videos about the surgery process and showed his daily life. However, people who saw his posts said it had a negative impact, leading him to worry about if he was doing the right thing.

The client communicates online with netizens who are curious about the surgery process. | KBS Joy

He revealed that he successfully grew from 161 cm to 168 cm after the surgery. Explaining the surgical process, the client said that it was not an easy procedure.

You can choose between the calf or thigh to cut the bone, and then secure a device to lengthen the bone. Afterward, using a device, the gap between the bones is gradually increased, and it heals similarly to a fracture healing process. Lengthening the bone is not difficult, but you also need to lengthen the muscles, and it’s not an easy procedure.

— The client

| KBS Joy
The client stated that the heels go up when only the bones are lengthened. | KBS Joy

When asked about the side effects, the client explained the importance of lengthening the muscles.

The most well-known side effect is that you need to lengthen both bones and muscles, but the process of lengthening the muscles is bothersome, tiring, and difficult. If you don’t do rehabilitation training, only the bones get longer, and it causes difficulty in walking due to the heels rising. In severe cases, the body proportions change, leading to a decrease in physical abilities.

— The client

Hearing about the risks, Seo Jang Hoon commented, “There must be a high chance of surgery failure,” to which the client responded that there are many failures and shared some dangerous side effects.

There are many cases like that. If the bone marrow doesn’t grow or grows incorrectly, it’s called a nonuion or malunion. Additionally, the knee can bend inwards, and the screws can break, necessitating a revision surgery.

— The client

| KBS Joy

I was a successful case.

— The client

The client confessed that he was thankfully able to have a successful procedure. The broadcast revealed before and after pictures of his surgery.

The client’s before-surgery pictures | KBS Joy
The client’s after-surgery picture. | KBS Joy

The two hosts were surprised to hear about the unfamiliar process of height surgery and its potential complications. The client surprised them even more by explaining how popular and expensive the process is.

Many people undergo height surgery. Famous clinics are fully booked. Depending on the surgical method, it can cost anywhere from ₩40.0 million KRW (about $29,900 USD) to ₩200 million KRW (about $150,000 USD).

— The client


It’s not a surgery to think of lightly.

— The client

Lee Soo Geun then asked the client if it was possible to exercise after the surgery, and he answered that regular walking is difficult for about six months. Even after six months, some people have discomfort that limits their daily activities because the device will be inside the leg for up to two years.

Source: X Sports News and Chosun