$175 000+ Found In Abandoned Locker At A Korean College

₩200 million KRW (~$178,964 USD) was found inside a student’s locker at a Korean college and no one knows where it came from.

Spring means the start of a new school year in Korea but on one school campus, everything has been turned upside down due to the discovery of ₩200 million KRW in one student’s locker.

The student council board at this particular school had asked each of the students to empty out their lockers in February, in preparation for the upcoming school year. Prior to the start of school in March, there was still one locker with a pink and purple padlock keeping it closed. The locker was forced open and, inside, lay 4 mysterious envelopes.

Image of locker #77 where the envelopes of money were found.

3 of the envelopes were sealed and one was opened. Inside these envelopes were eighteen-hundred ₩5,000 KRW bills and one thousand $100 bills, totaling to over ₩200 million KRW worth of money.

The student council has stated that the specific locker has been left untouched for 6 months and there are no security cameras in the area that would allow police to see who placed the money in there.

Investigations continue.

Source: Dispatch